About Us

Our team understand that gaining entrance into a grammar school is tough, so we work tirelessly to ensure all of our students are as well prepared as possible.

Dr Rathaven Guna is a subject expert, with over a decade of experience teaching 11 Plus students. He has continually been refining his methods of teaching students how to learn, how to consolidate their knowledge, and how to apply themselves to answer challenging concepts within the 11 Plus exam.

Dr Guna's father, Guna Master, was a renowned 11 Plus teacher and helped over a thousand students pass their 11 Plus exam. His students consistently secured the top places within our local borough in East London. It was a huge loss to our community when Guna Master passed away in October 2021. Dr Guna had been assisting his father with the 11 Plus classes for years, and is now using all of the techniques he has learnt to train current and future generations of students.

Our classroom is a space where we endeavour to foster creativity, nurture discipline, and to inspire confidence - all essential qualities when sculpting the minds and shaping the lives of children.